Discover the incredible advantages of liposomal technology!

Panaceum liposomal supplements are designed to maximize the absorption and distribution of nutrients in the body. 

Liposomes protect antioxidants by wrapping them at a nano level by using tiny Pholosophids bubbles, the same substance as your own cell membranes, meaning antioxidants can attach to your cells and travel throughout the bloodstream. The active ingredient is protected from stomach acids and delivered directly to your cells. As a result, absorption is maximized almost to 95 percent. Liposomes are designed to release their contents over a longer period of time, providing sustained therapeutic effects and reducing the need for frequent dosing. 



Enhanced Bioavailability: Liposomal formulations can improve the bioavailability of nutrients compared to traditional forms. The liposomal structure protects the active ingredient from degradation in the digestive system and facilitates its absorption, increasing the amount available for the body to use.


Targeted Delivery: Liposomes are designed to specifically target certain cells or tissues, improving the delivery of nutrients to the desired site. This can increase the effectiveness of the treatment while minimizing potential side effects on non-targeted areas.


Improved Stability: Liposomal encapsulation can protect sensitive substances from degradation by enzymes, pH changes, or oxidation, increasing their stability and shelf life. 


Reduced Toxicity: Liposomal technology can help reduce the toxicity of certain drugs by encapsulating them within liposomes. This can minimize the exposure of healthy tissues to the drug, while still maintaining its therapeutic effects.


Controlled Release: Liposomes can be engineered to release their contents in a controlled manner, providing a sustained release of the active ingredient over time. This can improve the therapeutic efficacy and reduce the frequency of dosing.


Combination Therapy: Liposomal formulations can enable the combination of multiple nutrients within the same liposome, allowing for synergistic effects or simultaneous delivery of complementary therapies.